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Belgijski ovčar - Groenendael

Originalni naziv : CHIEN DE BERGER BELGE


Standard broj : 15 /

Grupa : 1

Zemlja porekla : Belgija

Golden retrievers, which are used for hunting on land and sometimes in water, require special attention. By running through the forest, dogs are exposed to plants with thorns  which can get stuck in their ear or under the eyelid, leading to irritation or inflammation.

Oral hygiene is also very important. It would be preferable to brush their teeth once a day, if possible. With regular brushing, the fur becomes shiny, shedding is reduced and the possibility of indentations, which can be painful for your dog, is reduced. If indentations do occur, it is best to call a professional groomer or veterinarian to remove them.


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• Visina grebena 62 cm

• Dužina tela 62 cm

• Obim grudi (iza laktova) je najmanje 75 cm

• Dubina grudi 31 cm

• Odstojanje od zemlje do grudi 31 cm

• Dužina glave 25 cm

• Dužina njuške 12,5-13 cm

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